Best Tablets For Xmas 2012

We’re slowly getting into the Christmas spirit here at Top10Reviews and as always we’re one step ahead of the competition in providing you with the most up-to-date information and product reviews in South Africa.

With product launches heating up as we get closer to Christmas, we had a look at which tablets are going to be huge this festive season!

The Best Tablets For Christmas 2012

#1 – The Apple iPad 3

With unmatched screen quality, incredibly optimized performance, an elegant design, the best and most apps available, 4G wireless options, and the strength of Apple’s media ecosystem behind it, the iPad continues to be in a league of its own.

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#3 – The Google Nexus 7″

Android 4.1 is more useful and user-friendly than the OS has ever been and the tablet’s screen, games performance, comfortable design, solid media options, and low price make this an excellent waypoint into the tablet world for anyone.

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#2 – The Kindle Fire HD

Amazon doesn’t sleep on content. And here it provides it. Um, all of it. That’s great in itself, but its the elegant and friendly way the Kindle Fire delivers said content that really brings it all home.

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#4 – Asus Transformer Prime Infinity

The 1.6GHz Tegra 3 and DDR3 RAM make this the fastest Android tablet available. Drop in an incredible camera, beautiful high-res screen, and the flexibility of a full Android environment, and you have my attention.

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#5 – The Leapster LeapPad 2

Wildly punted as the hottest gift for children this Christmas, the LeapPad 2 improves upon the 2012 Christmas sensation and has a faster processor, double the memory and an extra camera on the front.

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Did we miss any hot tablets for Christmas 2012? Which one is on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.

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