iPad Mini Review

We’re going out on a limb here, but the iPad Mini is probably the sexiest tablet that Apple has built! From the outside, the iPad Mini beguiles with satin aluminium finished and diamond-cut edges and nicely packaged in a super-thin body and a feathery 308g.

iPad Mini Specs
Buy the iPad Mini Display: 7.9″ IPS LCD, 1024×768 (163PPI)
OS: Apple iOS 6
CPU: 1GHz Dual Core A5
Camera: 5MP, 1080@30fps [rear]; 1.2MP, 720p [front]
Connectivity: WiFi, 3.5mm, Lightning, Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: 10hrs

But don’t let first impressions bowl you over – a closer look at the insides of the iPad Mini unfortunately aren’t quite as good: first of, at a resolution of 1024×768 it’s no Retina device! Even so, colours are displayed in natural and vibrant 163PPI and the whites are crystal clear. Plus, at 7.9″, the screen is by far the biggest in the test, maximising the display for plenty of app fun.

Packing the updated iOS 6 and complete with Facebook integration and the infamous Apple Maps, it has full access to Apple’s industry-leading App Store. Apple maintained the same aspect-ration as the standard iPads, which ensures that all your existing apps will play perfectly on the smaller brother.

Performance is impressive, with the Mini inheriting the same A5 chip that’s fueling the iPad 3. It loads pages faster and offers accelerating movie streaming when compared to the Nexus.

To sum it up – the iPad Mini is awesome and we love the extra screen space! It’s much more than a pure media consumption device but unfortunately also comes at a much higher price…if it weren’t as expensive, the iPad Mini would be a clear winner in our 7″ Tablet Supertest

The Verdict

Beautiful, fast and capable, the iPad Mini is the near-perfect 7inch tablet! The only major fault is that its just too expensive.

The smaller screen might call for slightly more precise finger work but not by much. Even button filled apps were quite manageable on the iPad Mini.

The Mini’s thinner bezel makes your thumb more prone to stray onto the screen – this is where Apple’s Thumb Detection tech comes in very useful to avoid these unwanted interferences.

In typical Apple fashion, don’t expect any useful ports on the Mini. You get a 3.5mm socket as well as the new Lightning charging port – microSD is still just a dream.

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