iPad Mini Supertest Verdict

We took the iPad Mini and paired it up against some of the most popular 7″ inch tablets available today!

The Touchpad 7 was the budget entry but unfortunately it somewhat lower price couldn’t convince due to an inferior screen and somewhat shabby build quality. The Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 is a solid tablet as we’d expect from the Galaxy line of tablets, but unfortunately didn’t pack enough of a punch to justify its significantly higher price tag. The Fire HD is ideal for media consumption, but most power users would find it impossible to work with the heavily modded version of Android and the constant integration with Amazon’s shop interface.

Whilst the iPad Mini was able to stand its ground against most of these fine competitors, it finally found its match in the excellent Google Nexus 7. Whilst the iPad Mini is a stunning piece of kit, its somewhat under powered screen and the hefty price tag made us maintain our rating on the Google Nexus 7 as the best tablet of 2012, and our clear winner in the iPad Mini Supertest.

Google Nexus


Pros: Great Performance; Jelly Bean OS; quality design; Tegra; price
Cons: fewer apps than iPad

Apple iPad Mini


Pros: stunning design; 7.9″ screen; light; apps
Cons: pricey; dated OS; lower-res

Amazon Kindle Fire HD


Pros: Vibrant; great sound; perfect for media
Cons: heavily modified Android; Amazon heavy; limited apps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7


Pros: microSD; good screen
Cons: pricey; heavy; dual-core processor; Samsung apps

Versus Touchpad 7


Pros: very cheap; vanilla ICS
Cons: build quality; low-quality screen; tacky finish; low battery life

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