iPad Mini Supertest: iPad Mini vs The Best 7″ Tablets

Steve Jobs famously dismissed 7inch tablets as “tweeners” claiming that their screens were too small to display great apps properly. Now Apple has released its own shrunk down version of its flagship tablet – the iPad Mini. But is it too little to late for Apple to get stuck into the 7inch tablet market that is all but dominated by Android tablets?

Top10Reviews takes an in-depth look at the 7inch battlefield to find out whether the iPad Mini can survive our 7inch Tablet Supertest!

What We Tested

Apple iPad Mini (16GB)

Whilst Apple may be playing catchup against its Android powered peers, its biggest screen coupled with access to the App Stores host of quality riches, it still very much has a fighting chance at victory!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (8GB)

Can Samsung pull out another winner to go with the Samsung Galaxy S3? It’s 7inch Galaxy Tab features a great screen, microSD storage and a rear cam – will it be enough to make it through our gauntlet?

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD (16GB)

Running on a fully bastardized version of Android, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD comes in at rock-bottom price for what is after all still a very capable media consumption device. Will this be enough to sway budget conscious consumers?

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Google Nexus 7 (16GB)

With a Tegra 3 heart and a Jelly Bean Brain, and stylish looks to woo the fans, Google’s super-cheap 7incher is still our tablet to beat!

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Versus Touchpad (8GB)

Super cheap at below GBP 100 it nevertheless serves up Google Play, web browsing and games in an attractive package. But where’s the catch?

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What We Looked For


Although iOs is still running the show with its App Store, Google Play is racing to fill the gap! Be aware, that the Kindle Fire HD restricst full access to Google Play and the Versus Touchpad is limited by speed issues to make the best out of all the latest games.


Since the released of the iPad 3 and it’s unique Retina Display, a lot of focus has been on screen resolution. But it’s not the only factor to consider – especially for more portable 7inch tablets, being able to use the tablet outdoors with good viewing angles can be just as important!


Whilst on board storage is restricts for most of the models in our test, we do look at what sort of expansion options are available – from larger models, to microSD and cloud storage.


Our test includes quad-core monsters to single core contenders – depending on your needs you will need to select a tablet that can handle your requirements for speed and raw processing power!

How To Navigate The Supertest

Since this test will be quite substantial in terms of content, we broke it down into easy subsections. You can read through all the individual iPad Mini comparisons or skip directly to the verdict!

  1. Apple iPad Mini Review
  2. iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  3. iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD
  4. iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7
  5. iPad Mini vs Versus Touchpad 7
  6. Supertest Verdict


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