iPad Mini vs Versus Touchpad 7

The Versus 7 Touchpad is the cheapest option into our 7″ tablet comparison – but the sub R 1500 tag does come at a cost!

Versus Touchpad 7 Specs
Display: 7″ TFT, 800×480 (133PPI)
OS: Android 4.0 ICS
CPU: 1Cortex A8, 1GHz
Camera: VGA [front]
Connectivity: WiFi, 3.5mm, microUSB, miniHDMI, microUSB
Battery: 4hrs

The somewhat underwhelming experience starts with its shiny, plastic back – clearly you won’t win many style points with this when compared to the elegant, matte finish version of its rivals.

The overall construction also bears witness to an eagerness to cut corners on quality in favour of price, something that unfortunately also extends to the low res, blue tinged 800×480 screen. Whilst we can excuse the design, the screen is almost headache inducing in that we couldn’t find one single good viewing angle!

But surprisingly, once we get past these – significant – drawbacks, the Touchpad 7 actually starts surprising on the upside! It comes chock full with some very useful ports such as miniHDMI, mircoSD and USB and is light and easy to hold. WiFi access works well and it streams movies easily from Google Play.

The bottom line is that whilst the Touchpad 7 might be an acceptable tablet, we find it hard to recommend it due to its somewhat lackluster display and the fact that the Nexus 7 is just R 1500 more. But, if you’re finding yourself strapped for cash or just want a budget 7″ tablet do handle the bare basics, the Versus Touchpad 7 is an acceptable choice.

The Verdict

The Galaxy Tab 2 builds on Samsungs impressive range of Galaxy devices and has plenty going for it – unfortunately the Google Nexus and the Fire HD both offer more, for a lot less cash!

A clean, vanilla version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich ensures the Touchpad 7 runs without hiccups or any unneeded mods eating into performance and memory.

Whilst it wont handle any TegraZone games, Angry Birds, iPlayer and Kindle all come pre-installed. Plus, you will probably have more access to additional apps than on the Fire HD.

The lower price does come at a cost – overall we felt the screen wasn’t responsive enough which was a total pain for gaming and more than a little annoying when scrolling, as it can sometimes send you the wrong way.

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